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EG. Erdgeschoss    |    OG. Obergeschoss

VARENA is 6!

We flooded our map (130m²) with 500,000 plastic balls. True to the motto: a childhood dream comes true!!!
Our competition was called: VARENA Treasure Divers in Austria’s largest ball bath – “The craziest 90 seconds of your life!”

Equipped with swimwear, diving goggles and a fishing net, 38 divers were given the opportunity to fish out the white balls from all the coloured ones in the ball bath within 90 seconds. A total of 700 prizes (white balls) were hidden in the ball bath and the divers could dive up as many prizes as possible within 90 seconds! All 700 prizes were of very high quality: shopping partner vouchers, ZEHNER vouchers, TVs, heart-rate monitor watches, Tolinos, tablets, watches, smoothie makers, mobile phones, playstations, thermal bath vouchers and a great deal more!

On Friday evening newcomer Thorsteinn Einarsson put in an appearance. THE teeny star in Austria performed in a live concert.

On Saturday afternoon the ball bath was then opened up to everyone. Children and adults enjoyed diving and playing to their heart’s content. In the 14 days the ball bath was open to everyone, more than 8,200 “bathers” were recorded.


Thomas Koppler - Visual Elegance Productions