Family Service

Whether nursing and changing rooms, lifts, childcare facilities, family parking spaces or attractions for children – we attach great importance to practical details to make your visit to VARENA a stress-free experience for the whole family.


Worry-free shopping experience thanks to professional childcare at LOLLIPOP VARENA located at the first floor.

Family toilets

Folding armchairs in women’s and men’s toilets.

Children’s toilet

The children’s toilets at VARENA are located on the ground floor and on the first floor.


The shopping cars are currently not available.

Buggy and twin buggy rental

The buggy rental at the visitor service is located at the ground floor. Also for twins. Only possible during centre opening hours.

Twin shopping trolleys

Free rental of twin shopping trolleys at the visitor service on the ground floor.

100 family parking spaces

100 family parking spaces are available on P-1, P-2 and the parking deck.

Baby changing room

A changing table is located on the ground floor (yellow toilet) and on the first floor (green toilet).

Breastfeeding chair

The breastfeeding areas are next to the ladies toilet (yellow) on the ground floor and the ladies toilet (green) on the first floor.

Gather round, everyone!

Kasperl mit Franz

Every first Wednesday of the month, the Kasperl theater takes place LIVE at the VARENA Plaza at 3 pm and again at 4:30 pm.


Happy’s family breakfast

Mütter mit Kleinkindern beim Happy Familienfrühstück im LOLLIPOP

Every first Tuesday and Thursday of the month, parents have the opportunity to bring their kids aged up to 3 years old to LOLLIPOP and enjoy a little breakfast (coffee/tea and a croissant).

Lollipop childcare at VARENA

Indulge in a little shopping time all to yourself while the kids dive into a world of creativity, action and fun at Lollipop VARENA!